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Application Period:

February 17–27, 2023

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Eligibility Criteria

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Application Frequently Asked Questions:

The application asks very personal questions about my life. Why do you want to know things like how I identify, how I feel, and what my finances are like?

The application is designed by researchers at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research—the questions are chosen because they will help build a better understanding of the impact that finances may have on our well-being and everyday lives. There are many unanswered questions about how guaranteed income works—including whom it works for, and what effects it can have. Learning more about the answers to these questions will help us build better policies and programs in the future. The information you share will never be linked to you directly and it will be de-identified before it is analyzed, so your information will remain confidential and private.

I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail or text, was my application received?

Successfully completing the application should get you to a final screen that should look like the image below.

As long as you saw that screen, you have been entered into the random selection process! Because the information you shared in the application is protected and confidential, the program partners are not allowed to know who has applied for the pilot—only the independent research team at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research has access to that information right now.


I finished my application and it was recorded, what happens now?

1. The applications are processed by independent researchers at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania to make sure there are no duplications and that all entries meet UpLift’s eligibility criteria.

2. Once the applications are cleaned, they are then randomized to ensure no bias. If randomly selected to participate, you will end up in one of two groups:

    • Recipients: people who will receive the monthly cash and will be eligible to participate in compensated surveys so we can learn more about guaranteed income;
    • Control participants: people who will not receive the monthly cash, but who will be eligible to earn gift cards by taking research surveys during the pilot so we can learn more about central Iowa and our residents’ needs.
    • Non-participants who are not a part of the study and will not be contacted in the future.



Application Resources:

How will I know if I’ve been chosen to participate?

Staff working with UpLift  will start contacting randomly selected participants to notify them as soon as the random selection process has been completed.



I haven’t heard from anyone, does this mean I haven’t been chosen?

UpLift will be updating this website once all notifications are complete. If you check the website and it says we have finished notifications to participants, but you have not been contacted, then you have not been selected to participate.




Why won’t I get notification if I am NOT selected?

The information you shared through the application can only be used for research purposes, so the Project Coordination team is not allowed to have access to the data for non-selected individuals. This means we can’t contact you to tell you if you haven’t been chosen to participate. Check this website to stay up to date on the notification process.




If someone submits more than one application, does that increase their chances of getting selected?

No, researchers at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research will remove duplicate entries before randomly selecting participants. Multiple entries won’t increase the likelihood that someone is selected.



I want to start the application over but when I open the link, it takes me back to where I left off. What should I do?

Clear all cookies and your browser history, or open the survey in a private browsing window.