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110 Iowans now have an extra $500 per month in their hands. Here’s who they are:

Iowa Public Radio


Basic income program set to begin $500 monthly payments

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The application for a $500/month basic income opens Friday. Here’s what to know to apply​

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Pilot basic income plan set to launch in Polk, Warren, Dallas, counties

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Iowans can get $500 monthly in basic income pilot project

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Des Moines City Council approves basic income pilot program


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Central Iowa Group Starting Pilot Basic Income Plan



We pilot program studying the impacts of giving low-income Iowans $500 a month

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Guaranteed income program to launch in Des Moines metro

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Opinion: A basic income study is right for central Iowa right now. Here’s why.



Is your family eligible to get $500 per month to spend however you want?

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Grubb YMCA replacement, airport construction get funding from American Rescue Plan money



Some Iowans could receive up to $500 per month in new guaranteed income project