Our Funders

UpLift is a cross-sector collaborative initiative funded through the generous support of 11 entities:

*This project is supported in part by federal funds under the Corona Virus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund awarded to the City of Des Moines, Iowa, and City of Urbandale, Iowa by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

See why our funders support UpLift – The Central Iowa Basic Income Pilot!

Mid-Iowa Health Foundation

“Mid-Iowa Health Foundation believes the economic health of a community is directly tied to the health and well-being of its members. When an individual’s essential needs are met, they can show up more fully for their family and in the workforce, thus fostering a thriving community.  We also believe that community-informed and data-informed solutions lead to more impactful policy and resource investment decisions.  We are excited to see the potential innovation in poverty-reduction strategies result from what we learn through the Central Iowa Basic Income Pilot.”

Principal Foundation

“The Principal Foundation supports the Central Iowa Basic Income Pilot for three reasons.

First, we seek to make effective, impactful, and equitable investments in people and communities that remove barriers to them pursuing financial security. There is significant evidence that direct, unconditional cash is a uniquely flexible, efficient, and swift means of addressing a range of issues that negatively impact financial security, including mental health, physical health, children’s school achievement, employment, and earnings in adulthood.

Second, we would like to add to the growing body of lessons learned from recent guaranteed income efforts that could improve the efficacy of other social programs. As Central Iowa continues to undergo rapid changes, the evolution and expansion of its social programs is inevitable. The CIBIP could inform that evolution and expansion.

Third, we want Central Iowa’s voice and unique perspective to be included in an important national conversation.”

Wells Fargo

“Opening pathways to financial inclusion and economic advancement is a priority for Wells Fargo and we urgently need to advance ideas that can help people reduce their debt, improve their credit scores, save for emergencies and start building wealth.  Basic income programs which connect economic stability to physical and mental health outcomes may make a difference in the lives of under resourced families. We look forward to gaining key learnings from this pilot.”

City of Des Moines

“Des Moines has been encouraged by the outcomes of similar basic income programs across the country. We view basic income as a potential solution to provide support for our residents who need it the most. The Central Iowa Basic Income pilot program will allow us to better identify community need and learn how to effectively allocate funds to provide direct support.”

City of Urbandale

“The Mayor and Council’s strategic plan for Urbandale is rooted in creating an inclusive community that values its residents and businesses.  Support of the Central Iowa Basic Income Pilot program was a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand the life-long obstacles that residents of our community and our neighbor communities face.  Further, the pilot project engages private and public organizations that share Urbandale’s commitment to the community, and to make lasting change.”

City of Windsor Heights

“Understanding the benefits of basic income is crucial for public entities in determining how to plan and budget for public safety or welfare programs that will lift residents out of poverty and improve their lives.”

Bank of America

“Our society gets stronger with better financial health and social conditions. We believe in working with our partners, like Mid Iowa Health Foundation, to contribute to both.”

The Directors Council

“One Economy, an initiative launched by The Directors Council in 2017, is a collaborative, inclusive community effort to eliminate racial, economic, and other disparities among African Americans in greater Des Moines, Iowa. One Economy crease space for businesses, policymakers, leadership organizations, and individuals to work together to make a society that truly works fairly and equitably for all.  The Central Iowa Basic Income Pilot aligns with the goals of One Economy, helping families.”

Telligen Community Initiative

“The Basic Income Pilot creates an opportunity to learn and research ways to better address generational poverty. This is a new method of support to help people meet essential needs. Our hope is that it informs public policy and assistance programming going forward. TCI also works in four very different states. Our hope is that the lessons learned in this work and contribute further to the body of knowledge and spread potential of basic income strategies nationally.”

United Way of Central Iowa

“Our strategic imperative, United to Thrive, is an integrated approach to address critical community issues that prevent central Iowans from thriving.  We believe it takes a multifaceted, and collective, approach to influence systems that perpetuate poverty. This pilot will help validate how a basic income model can serve as a poverty-reduction strategy and work to demonstrate how providing individuals and families with greater flexibility and stability in meeting their essential needs can reduce adversity within families and communities as individuals move from surviving to thriving.”