UpLift is committed to providing Central Iowans with community learning opportunities centered around exploring basic income as a poverty reduction strategy. Beyond the research conducted with the 110 Central Iowans receiving a basic income and a control group of 140 participants, the broader community also plays an important role in this pilot. To capture the community’s voice and input, UpLift is launching the next phase of the pilot,  UpLift Community Conversations Series: Exploring Basic Income in Central Iowa.

Here are three reasons to participate in these events:

Share ideas that will inform the overall study

Throughout the next three years UpLift will host a variety of conversations focused on topics that are impacting Central Iowans. These conversations will consider how basic income and unrestricted cash transfers can provide a framework, or another way of thinking about addressing challenges within our communities. Ideas and solutions offered by attendees in discussions with each other will be captured, analyzed, and shared with decision makers and the community at large along with the final findings of the pilot.

Learn about what’s happening across the U.S.

In addition to providing space for brainstorming innovative solutions, the UpLift Community Conversations Series will provide education and information about basic income as a concept. Project Coordination staff are in regular communication with a variety of pilots across the Midwest and the United States, continuously watching and learning from the successes and challenges of other programs. Staff will actively share these best practices and research findings from across the nation to help inform the community discussion.

Dive deeper into topics related to Basic Income

Topic areas for the first year of conversations will include food security and safe and affordable housing, as well as time to hear directly from participants. During each Community Conversation the Project Coordination staff will gather information from attendees regarding their beliefs about how basic income could potentially impact our community needs. Attendees will be asked to share their opinions about items such as disbursement models, eligibility guidelines, and target populations. 

The first Community Conversation will take place soon. Be sure your voice is a part of the conversation by subscribing to UpLift’s quarterly newsletter and following the pilot on social media. You can also connect directly with Project Coordination Staff by emailing info@UpLiftIowa.org.